The Magic of OPM: Other People’s Money

Patrick didn’t set out to revolutionize an industry.

He just wanted to build houses.

During the roaring housing mania of 2005, the business he was building was a tiny fish swimming in a giant pond. He was trying to find empty lots to build new homes on. But land was scarce, and expensive. His competitors were multi-billion-dollar corporations, and they were scooping up property like marbles on the sidewalk.
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The “Paint-By-Numbers” 15% Compounder

When a company has a dominant brand with pricing power, robust profit margins, and high capital efficiency, the returns can be enormous. Today, we’ll introduce a company that checks all these boxes and has used every downturn to acquire weaker competitors and take market share.
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The Market’s Free Ride

The type of situation we’ll introduce today doesn’t come around often, but when these opportunities arise… they can make you fortunes, even during bear markets. It is the ultimate safe play for a high-risk market.
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Cold War 2.0 and the Coming Global Energy Wars

Right now, U.S. gas prices are among the lowest in the world. But as America increasingly expands its LNG export infrastructure, U.S. natural gas prices will increasingly converge with much-higher international prices. And the companies that own low-cost gas reserves today will reap a windfall.
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“It’s Like Treasuries On Steroids”

The REIT we’ll introduce today offers an extra degree of safety. It avoids physical real estate properties entirely, and instead invests primarily in mortgage securities that are effectively backed by the government. And they’re a better buy than government bonds.
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A Huge Recession Red Flag Just Popped Up

Every once in a while, a financial panic or deep recession provides the rare chance to buy quality merchandise at fire-sale prices. The time isn’t now, but it’s coming. Don’t Believe in “The End of America”…? Then Watch Gold Gold is the best-performing asset class since 2000. It has outperformed stocks, bonds, cash, real estate,
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