The Porter & Company Team

A remarkable array of talent helping to deliver Porter’s timely market analysis.

Here at Porter & Co., we view our obligation to our subscribers to deliver world-class investment research and insight as an extraordinary privilege…it’s something we take very seriously. 

This sense of commitment has been cultivated through our years of working with Porter Stansberry. For us, Porter & Co. is far more than a way to pay the bills… it’s a calling.

And more than anything else, that’s reflected in the commitment of our team to working with Porter over the years.

For example…

Porter & Co. writer Beirne White first started working with Porter 25 years ago… Lance James, Porter & Co.’s head of sales and customer service, as well as chief technology officer Jason Chen, first started working with Porter in 2006… Aaron Brabham, who heads up marketing, has been working with Porter since 2011… business development head Jamison Miller began working with Porter in 2013… Porter & Co. publisher Kim Iskyan first started working with Porter more than a decade ago… lead analyst Ross Hendricks joined Porter’s company in 2017… and executive assistant Alicia Hsieh has been working with Porter since 2018…

And what’s more, many of us have been friends, and friends with Porter, since childhood or early adulthood. 

Years of working together, and working with Porter, means that we’re positioned to bring you the very best product possible… And our loyalty to the mission of Porter & Co. is reflected in our years of working with Porter, for you.

Porter Stansberry – Founder

Porter Stansberry is a leading financial writer and the founder of MarketWise, a publicly traded, million-subscriber, multi-brand, financial publishing platform. In December 2020, Porter retired as MarketWise’s Chairman of the Board. He founded Porter & Company in April 2022. In addition to his 25+ year career as a financial analyst and publisher, Porter is also the founder of OneBlade, a men’s luxury shaving brand. A father of two sons and an avid sportsman, Porter’s marlin fishing program “Two Suns” competes in major fishing tournaments. Porter is also an avid surfer, freediver, and spearfisherman. In the fall and winter, he hunts white-tail deer, geese, fox, coyotes and pheasants with his two bird dogs (Scout, Billie) on his farm in Maryland. Follow his adventures on Instagram: @porterstansberry and find him on Twitter: @porterstansb

Kim Iskyan – Publisher

This is the second time Kim has teamed up with Porter. Kim Iskyan is a 30-year veteran of global stock markets. Over the past decade he launched and managed an investment research publishing company from scratch in Singapore and has been a financial and investment analyst and writer with Stansberry Research. Kim started his career on Wall Street in the mid 1990s with a focus on Latin American markets. He later helped build stock markets in Armenia and the Kyrgyz Republic, was a research director for three investment banks in Russia, helped market fund management products in Ireland, ran a hedge fund focused on investing the former Soviet Union, and advised Fortune 100 companies on the political dynamics of investing. Kim has lived in nine countries and ten U.S. states, and now calls Maryland home. Follow him on Twitter:@kimsiskyan

Aaron Brabham – Marketing

This is the second time Aaron Brabham has teamed up with Porter. The first time was from 2010 – 2015 where Aaron was a copywriter and Co-Host of Stansberry Radio. He went out on his own, applied Porter’s marketing wisdom and created one of the world’s most popular diet and weight loss companies. His marketing brought in over 500,000 new subscribers and endless life changing testimonials for his clients. Aaron splits his time between Medellin, Colombia and the farm in Maryland. When he’s not working you can find him on the golf course or on Lake Guatape enjoying his boat.

Beirne White – Writer

This is the third (or fourth) time Beirne has teamed up with Porter. Beirne White is a 25+ year veteran of the financial advisory business. He’s worked closely alongside industry leaders such as Bill Bonner, collaborating on a daily e-letter from a small office on the left bank of Paris, legendary mutual fund manager Bill Miller during his streak of beating the S&P 500, David and Tom Gardner of The Motley Fool and handful of others including old friend, Porter Stansberry. Beirne is a proud father to two dynamic daughters and husband to a captivating wife. As a family they enjoy traveling, always in search of better fishing, hiking, biking, bbq and in the winter, downhill skiing. Follow their adventures on Instagram: @beirnewhite and Twitter: @beirnewhite

Lance James – Member Services and Sales

Lance has a 20-year history in the Financial Publishing business. Working with Porter for 10 years at Stansberry Research, and also assisting Money Map Press, Roundtable Research and Weiss Ratings establish their sales and customer service teams in recent years. His main focus is to build quality teams that put the subscriber first. Lance is a big soccer fan and married with two kids. You can reach Lance at his email: [email protected], or by phone: 443-815-4447

Ross Hendricks – Analyst

This is the second time Ross has teamed up with Porter. Ross Hendricks brings over a decade of energy industry focus to his role as Research Analyst for Porter & Co. After earning a Chemistry Degree from the University of Texas, Ross has worked two stints in the energy sector. He’s also enjoyed roles working with the Chief Investment Officer of a $500M global macro fund, along with Porter (the first time) as analyst for the ‘Commodities Supercycle’ service at Stansberry Research, and most recently at Porter & Company When he’s not mining his Bloomberg Terminal for valuable research nuggets, Ross is posting insights on Twitter and LinkedIn. You’re invited to follow along for real-time financial commentary, cynical takes on our current social and political landscape and earnest attempts at humor:@Ross__Hendricks

Jared Simons – Analyst

Jared Simons employs a Peter-Peter approach in his role as Equity Analyst at Porter & Company That’s to say he takes what he’s learned from studying Peter Lynch and Peter Thiel and uses those insights to identify disruptive innovators – with a special focus on companies that are democratizing financial services. Prior to joining Porter & Company Jared was the Lead Analyst at L.A. Stevens Investments and the ‘Beating the Market’ service on Seeking Alpha. Jared graduated from the University of Florida, Warrington College of Business with a Finance degree. Jared enjoys studying investor psychology and the history of capital markets. When he doesn’t have his face in a book, you can find him on a golf course. Follow him on Twitter:@JS_PorterandCo

Liz Brazeal McNulty – Editor

Liz has been a professional word wrangler for the past decade, first as a B2B copywriter and then as a financial marketer, editor, and analyst over the last seven years. Most recently, she wrote and edited the popular “Trading Today” column at Money Morning LIVE, where she made readers money every week by shorting horribly overpriced tech stocks. (Her favorite was when she called the PTON collapse and scored 400% on put options.) Today she serves as Managing Editor at Porter & Co. She lives on a poorly maintained wooded acre with her husband and two sons, and a lot of unauthorized groundhogs. 

Alicia Hsieh – Operations

A 2018 graduate of Randolph-Macon College, Alicia received a Bachelor of Science in computer science. She was also the Captain of the Women’s Lacrosse Team and was named All-Chesapeake Region, All-Conference and All-State. Alicia is a former direct mail and internal marketer. In her 3 years at Stansberry Research, she assisted in generating over $50 million in revenue each year. At Porter & Company Alicia provides back-office services to ensure professional publications.