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The Big Secret on Wall Street
The Big Secret on Wall Street – our flagship research publication – is released every Friday and features an investment opportunity twice a month. Big Secret recommendations include energy stocks, high-income securities, capital-efficient “battleship stocks,” and more. Click here to view excerpts from our archive, or subscribe to access the full recommendations. 


Partners-Only Research

Porter’s exclusive research services are only available to Partners.

Porter & Co. Distressed Investing
As the corporate debt bubble unwinds, we have partnered with legendary financial author and credit analyst Martin Fridson to take advantage of “the greatest legal transfer of wealth in history.” Martin releases monthly distressed debt and equity recommendations, for Partners only.

Porter & Co. Investment Chronicles
Investment Chronicles is a carefully curated monthly compilation of investment wisdom that the discerning, informed investor needs to know about markets, finance, investment ideas and what’s next. It’s drawn from newspapers, investment websites, hedge fund letters, podcasts, and more, and it distills what the biggest brains in investing are saying, writing and thinking — all in one place.

Porter & Co. Activist Investor
Award-winning Wall Street analyst Thomas Carroll brings decades of industry contacts and stock-picking expertise to Activist Investor. This special situations-focused advisory tracks top activists that kick-start M&A, spinoffs, and management shakeups to unlock outsize gains for shareholders. Thomas releases regular new stock recommendations and portfolio updates, for Partners only.

Porter & Co. Biotech Frontiers
Life-science and biotech investing is our focus in Biotech Frontiers… Some startups follow a clear, smooth path to success. Others skyrocket, then quickly fall back to Earth. But, generally speaking, as a sector, biotech stocks perform differently than tech stocks, “forever stocks,” and certainly the blue chips… Biotech veteran Erez Kalir heads up this advisory that publishes on the first Friday of each month, with regular unscheduled updates as they are needed.