The Magic of OPM: Other People’s Money

Patrick didn’t set out to revolutionize an industry.

He just wanted to build houses.

During the roaring housing mania of 2005, the business he was building was a tiny fish swimming in a giant pond. He was trying to find empty lots to build new homes on. But land was scarce, and expensive. His competitors were multi-billion-dollar corporations, and they were scooping up property like marbles on the sidewalk.
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“It’s Like Treasuries On Steroids”

The REIT we’ll introduce today offers an extra degree of safety. It avoids physical real estate properties entirely, and instead invests primarily in mortgage securities that are effectively backed by the government. And they’re a better buy than government bonds.
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A Flood of Funds Are “Gating” Their Money – Here’s What It Means

Investors Suddenly Denied Access to Their Own Funds… The day after Slava was sent to the funny farm, his wife marched into our skyscraper office in downtown Moscow – and pulled an Al Haig. Al Haig was Secretary of State when U.S. President Ronald Reagan was felled by an assassin’s bullet on March 30, 1981.
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