Turn On, Clock In, Clock Out

This innovative business is the fastest-growing company in the HR-software industry, with a 1,200% increase in revenues over the last decade. With only 5% market share today, the company has a long growth runway to continue delivering market-crushing returns.
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This Is Spinal Tap

In this issue, we focus on a medical-device company that specializes in both orthopedic and spinal products used by doctors and surgeons across the globe. A mismanaged merger and other changes in strategy have sent the stock to record lows. Now, with an activist investor involved, we see good things happening for this company.
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Skin In The Game

This capital efficient global leader in cosmetic devices has grown revenues at more than 50% annually the past five years. But due to a series of short-term macroeconomic challenges, the business trades at a record low valuation, creating a rare buy opportunity
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A Top-Shelf Booze Maker at a Dive-Bar Price

This industry titan traces its roots back to 1759, and has since amassed an iconic portfolio of world-leading brands. A nearly 50% decline in its stock price due to temporary factors has provided a rare opportunity to buy this recession-resistant gem at its cheapest valuation in over a decade.
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The DIY Business With 21% Returns

Nearly every American lives within a short drive of this capital efficient retailer… a household name that sells around 40,000 items… has been crushing the competition for decades… and continues to dominate amateur and professional markets alike.
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Breaking News: Porter Stansberry Returns to MarketWise as Chairman and CEO

As some astute subscribers noticed, after a protracted proxy fight, Porter recently regained control of MarketWise (Nasdaw: MKTW). At a board meeting last week, Porter was elected Chairman of the Board and CEO of the company, which is the publicly-traded parent of his other namesake financial research firm, Stansberry Research.
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