Market Insider Video: How to Take Advantage of the Slowdown in Hiring

In today’s Wealth Signals video, senior analyst Scott Garliss discusses how recent employment numbers create investment opportunities in today’s stock and bond markets. He’ll show you…

  • How the Fed looks at job trends when it ponders the future of interest rates…
  • The revised and overlooked numbers you don’t hear about that are driving the real employment picture…
  • And how we can use this information to profit on two investments revealed in the video.

What’s Next

The Federal Reserve has said it will be paying even closer attention to employment numbers as it decides on the best course for interest-rate policy moving forward. Policymakers like Fed Chair Jerome Powell have said they’re increasingly worried about raising interest rates too far and completely choking off economic growth.

We’ve identified two opportunities where we think investors can make steady returns, no matter what the environment. We originally highlighted the solid income potential in this first investment in late May. Since then, it’s been on track to produce an inflation-beating yield of more than 5.3% on an annualized basis.

We’ve also identified a new investment vehicle where we think income investors can make even better returns. The fund – which we discuss in today’s video – invests in defensive, dividend-paying companies. However, it uses a covered-call strategy to boost returns. The current net-indicated yield is an impressive 7.5%.

To your investing success!

Scott Garliss

Porter & Co.
Stevenson, MD