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Welcome to the Porter & Co. Black Label Podcast – a provocative, no-holds-barred space where Porter and Aaron talk about markets, politics, and life with a series of very special guests.

In this episode, Aaron and Porter wrap up 2023 and take a look at what might be in store for 2024.

The highlights include:

  • What Porter sees for the consumer economy and the business that is a key indicator…
  • The truth behind Black Friday’s sales numbers…
  • What to focus on to manage the impact of inflation…
  • The Warren Buffett concept that most people don’t understand…
  • The TV show Porter watches every week…
  • New products that are coming for Porter & Co. subscribers… 
  • This unique software gives you the tools to manage your own portfolio…
  • An extended “You Can’t Make This Up” covering America from New York to California and even a bit of Europe…
  • And a listener letter that takes Porter down memory lane.

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Full Show Transcript

Welcome to the Porter & Company Black Label Podcast, your home for provocative insights that lead to lasting wealth. And here are your hosts, Porter Stansberry and Aaron Brabham.


– Mr. Chairman, we still haven’t been canceled, so we’re back again for the holiday special.

– It’s hard to believe. They’re coming for us, though.

– Well, we do have good editing staff.

– They don’t let me get in too much trouble.

– No. And no gin and tonics this time.

– No gin and tonics.

– No. We got the holiday party coming up at Porter and Company.

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