Peter St. Onge – Making Sense of the American Economy

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Guest: Peter St. Onge

Welcome to the Porter & Co. Black Label Podcast – a provocative, no-holds-barred space where Porter and Aaron talk about markets, politics, and life with a series of very special guests.

In this episode, Aaron and Porter are joined by legendary economist and Heritage Foundation Fellow Peter St. Onge. You can learn more about Peter here.

Show highlights include:

  • A decades-old indicator of voter-education levels…
  • The inflation blame game…
  • A discussion about the future of central banking…
  • The financial genie coming out of the bottle…
  • Possible solutions for America’s financial problems…
  • Hedges you can use against inflation…
  • Porter’s idea for a different kind of airline…
  • Three things Porter wants to teach investors…
  • And much more…

And, in this episode’s “You Just Can’t Make This Up,” the conversation goes in a deep and sincere direction.

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– Porter, it’s time for another Black Label Podcast. Now these are the Black Label Podcasts that are clean.

– We don’t have dirty ones anymore.

– No, we don’t do the gin and tonics, we don’t do all that stuff.

– We’re too old for that nonsense.

– That was fun. I did have a good time. But you’re right, the hangovers are brutal. I don’t want the hangovers anymore.

– No, we’re here to talk about serious ideas. We have a great economist on the show today.

– Peter St Onge. He has a PhD in economics, was an MBA professor in the unwoke Taiwan. Should have got into that a little bit. He actually has a great story.

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