Doug Casey – Wealth And Consequences

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Welcome to the Porter & Co. Black Label Podcast – a provocative, no-holds-barred space where Porter and Aaron talk about markets, politics, and life with a series of very special guests.

In this episode, Aaron and Porter are joined by the living legend, Doug Casey of International Man.

Show highlights include:

  • The state of U.S. debt, and a surprising kind of debt that could be a good investment…
  • Porter’s thoughts on the Elon Musk and Delaware debacle…
  • What NYC is doing with taxpayer money…
  • Porter and Doug’s 1999 dinner…
  • The future of gold…
  • Doug’s take on ESG and DEI…
  • A Bitcoin opinion that might surprise you…
  • Where (in the Americas) Doug sees a bright future (will it be where you’re thinking?)…
  • And much more…

Of course, we have fresh “You Just Can’t Make This Up” stories.

And, as always, we go to the mailbag.

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Full Show Transcript

Welcome to the Porter and Company Black Label Podcast your home for provocative insights that lead to lasting wealth. And here are your hosts, Porter Stansberry and Aaron Brabham.


[AARON BRABHAM] Porter– sorry, Mr. Chairman– how are you?

[PORTER STANSBERRY] I’m doing great. I am fired up. Today is my favorite podcast we’ve done all year.

[AARON] Yeah.

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