Exclusive Excerpt: Special Situations in Stocks and Bonds

In this exclusive excerpt from his seminal work on special situations investing, author and trader Maurece Schiller shows how to profit from companies undergoing a reorganization, merger, acquisition, spinoff or corporate misstep. First chapter reproduced by publishers’ permission.

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A Look Inside An All-Time Investment Classic – Plus A Detailed Portfolio Review

This week’s edition of Big Secret is a special one – literally…

By arrangement with the publishers, we are reproducing chapter 1 of a seminal investment classic first published in 1955: Special Situations in Stocks and Bonds by Maurece Schiller.

Schiller – a trader and author who started his career on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange in 1920, and went on to write five acclaimed books – was fascinated by “special situations” in investing.

He didn’t focus initially on a company’s fundamentals or the details of its business model. Instead, Schiller looked for companies experiencing some sort of dramatic shakeup – a reorganization, merger, acquisition, spinoff or corporate misstep – that (hopefully, temporarily ) depressed the stock price.

Once he’d found a company in this type of “special situation,” and assessed the chances that the company would find its way again were good, Schiller would buy shares and wait. Usually, his patience… and the investment… would pay off as the company resolved its issues and returned to profitability.

That’s the strategy Schiller explores in his classic text Special Situations in Stocks and Bonds, the first chapter of which you can download and read here.

Of course, special situation investing involves plenty of research and analysis before point-and-click…

The trick is finding special situation investments that will recover. Plenty of companies never get over the trauma of an acquisition or a leadership reshuffle or missing out on a new market.

And that’s where our newest Porter & Co. project comes in…

Behind the scenes (we haven’t really taken that much time off this August…) our team has been hard at work on a brand-new advisory that focuses on a particular kind of special situation investing… from a unique boots-on-the-ground angle. It’s unlike anything you’ll see anywhere else… we promise.

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In the meantime, please enjoy this exclusive excerpt from Maurece Schiller’s Special Situations in Stocks and Bonds.

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