Breaking News: Porter Stansberry Returns to MarketWise as Chairman and CEO

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As some astute subscribers noticed, after a protracted proxy fight, Porter recently regained control of MarketWise (Nasdaq: MKTW). At a recent board meeting, Porter was elected Chairman of the Board and CEO of the company, which is the publicly-traded parent of his other namesake financial research firm, Stansberry Research. 

As most subscribers know, Porter retired from MarketWise in December 2020, shortly before the company’s IPO. But following the sale of the company, the conditions of Porter’s retirement were not honored by the company. And, worse, the company’s board and management began taking actions that were detrimental to the business, to the shareholders, and to Porter personally. 

As a result, beginning in January 2023, Porter began an activist investor campaign to replace the board and most of the management team. 

(If you’re interested in the details, you can read Porter’s SEC filings from his activist campaign on January 20, March 3, August 11, and August 28.)

Everyone at Porter & Co. congratulates Porter on his big win in the boardroom. We always believed that, eventually, the shareholders would make the right decision to put Porter back in charge.

What does this mean for Porter & Co. subscribers? 

Porter’s plan is to merge Porter &  Co. into MarketWise, where it will be an independently managed unit, like the other major MarketWise brands. All of Porter’s writing and other financial presentations will continue to be published exclusively by Porter & Co. All Porter & Co. publications and subscription services are distinct from those of Stansberry Research. If you want to read Porter’s own analysis and thoughts… you’ll find them only at Porter & Co.

And, if you know Porter, you know how eager he is to return to the good life of living and writing at his farm with us, his oldest friends and for you, his best clients.