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To name just a few, there’s:

* Amazon in 1997 when it traded for pennies (now over $125)

* Illumina in 2002 when it was under $3 a share (over $200 today)

* Microsoft in 2006 at around $25 a share (above $250 now)

* Nvidia in 2016 at around $12 a share (now over $135)

But that’s all history now. What’s happening in this market is far more important. And potentially more lucrative than anything I’ve seen in my career.

So let me quickly bring you up to speed on one of the trends we like right now – the quiet revolution that’s happening in the North American energy sector – here’s a link to my write-up on a company I’m calling “The Gods of Gas.

Within a matter of months, this small, independent, oil and gas firm could strike a deal that would make it the first new, super-major energy company to emerge from America’s shale bonanza.

Meaning this firm (which I’ll bet you’ve never heard of) could end up becoming the world’s most important energy company.

You read that correctly.

This little-known firm could end up becoming the world’s most powerful energy company.

All the details are right here.

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