About Our Portfolio

Our model portfolio is divided into several sections – each one devoted to a different class of high-value recommendation. We scout out great businesses that you can buy and hold forever, on the path to permanent wealth. And we take those opportunities wherever we find them – through stocks, MLPs, bonds, and other vehicles. We may add additional sections, stocks, or asset classes to the portfolio at any time!

We include a “Risk Rating” scale to help members appropriately allocate to our recommendations based on the perceived risks. Recommendations ranked closer to 1 are the considered the “low risk, high allocation” stocks or bonds, whereas the highest rated allocations are a 5 and are considered the riskiest. Always consult your financial advisor before acting on any of the recommendations in this model portfolio.

Below, you’ll find a quick summary of each portfolio section…the broad story behind the opportunity, why we believe it will help you build long-term wealth, and some links to helpful research if you’d like to learn more. 


Exponential Growth

Energy – specifically, American liquid natural gas (LNG) – is a sector we have been watching closely since the inception of The Big Secret. One of the central themes we’ve tracked since starting this publication is the rise of America as an energy exporting superpower. Energy impacts every economic activity on earth – and American natural gas is emerging as the world’s next dominant energy source. Start with these stories to learn more. 

We view American LNG as an “exponential growth” opportunity, and we add quality energy companies to our portfolio as appropriate. However, pure energy plays can be volatile, which is why we also include lower-risk vehicles like energy MLPs.  

Battleship Stocks

Forever Companies

This section includes companies with such powerful internal economics that they will inevitably beat the market. (We call them “battleship stocks” because they are essentially unsinkable.) We hope every reader will learn to keep a list of the world’s most timeless and highest-quality businesses… and strive to become a lifetime shareholder of these “forever companies.” 

We believe that owning world-class business models – particularly their high capital efficiency – will allow investors to compound capital at market-beating rates, regardless of the cyclical ups and downs in the economy. Go here to learn more about how we find “battleship stocks” – and how you can, too. 

Income/Distressed Debt

Guaranteed Income

This section of our portfolio includes stable income-generating vehicles like high-dividend stocks, REITs, and preferred shares, which are especially vital  in today’s high-inflation climate. 

Inflation and rising interest rates create downward pressure on financial assets across the board…especially high-flying tech and growth stocks. And predictable dividend payers like this one offer a safe haven against volatility. 

Rampant inflation is also part of a larger market story we’re following closely at Porter & Co. – a rare confluence of events we call The Greatest Legal Transfer of Wealth in History. Thanks to years of cheap money, we are facing an imminent corporate debt crisis…and, for those who can spot mispriced bonds, fortunes will be made. Go here for a solid overview.

Better than the Market

Shareholder Yield

Here, we collect products that beat the market by delivering better performance than a standard index fund.  One way they do this is by focusing on a key metric that separates the wheat from the chaff in corporate America: “shareholder yield.” Shareholder yield is the amount of capital returned to shareholders, via dividends and share repurchases – the ultimate superfood for your portfolio. Learn more about how the process works here.


When, Not If

In the final section of our portfolio, we list stocks that we like to call “when, not if.” These are great capital-efficient companies, or businesses that benefit from repeating market cycles…and we’ll always buy them when the time is right.  Here’s a good overview of a classic “when” stock.

Most of the time, these high-quality stocks are simply too expensive. If you buy at a high multiple of earnings, your total returns aren’t likely to be all that great. But… every now and then… maybe once every ten years or so… you’ll have a great opportunity to invest in these “forever” companies. 

Our watchlist features an ongoing roster of these businesses. We also include the exact buy-in levels we recommend so you’ll know when to make a purchase.